Choco Lulu

Choco Lulu Restaurant in Tel Aviv

Cafes, Italian food, Breakfast, Grill, Chocolate Desserts, Coffee, Ice cream


At the heart of Florentine neighborhood, between the fashionable pubs in the central street, Vital, lays proudly the Choco Lulu restaurant as the ultimate hang out place.

In Choco Lulu you can enjoy urban and young (contemporary?) design, an intimate place, a warm atmosphere, with the chic of the neighborhood. We pride ourselves on a rich menu at small prices. The menu is priced starting

From only 39 ! Yes!  the portions are large and rich, and the prices are small. A varied menu in which you can find meats, a rich burger department, fish and seafood, and large, rich breakfasts you have never seen before. In addition, there are unique pasta dishes, the pasta comes with a cart containing? a big wheel of Parmesan, the pasta is being poured into the wheel and coated with fine “Grana
Padano” Parmesan cheese with the sauce that you ordered. The highlight of the place is a unique ice cream menu where you can find every fantasy you dreamed about, ice cream combinations in glasses with all the entrees and sauces you can think about, ice cream combinations with cakes and more. All the ice cream is homemade. 

Attention, on Saturdays we cannot reserve places in advance – we apologize.

Address: Vital Haim 3, Florentin, Tel Aviv
Phone: 053-9443738
Opening Hours:
Sun-Thu , 10:00-00:30
Fri-Sat , 08:30-00:30
Handicapped Access
Private room
Smoking area

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Contact details

Address: Vital Haim 3, Florentin, Tel Aviv
Connecting number
Phone: 053-9443738